Top class Home Shifting Services in Delhi

Malik Packer and Mover are offer the most trustworthy and efficient house shifting services in the industry. We have made a solid status over the years through our assured relocation services that take care of everything.  

Once customers place sometime home shifting call with us, our senior executive will write everything in detail and provide a written quotation. Our goal is to offer truthful and zero hidden cost moving that give you value for money. 

Our team gives to customer the topmost priority and comes fully furnished with mobile vans and trucks to your home. We offer modified home shifting services dependent on your condition. 

Packing Household Items for Home Shifting

Malik Packer and Mover have techniques to packed of delicate household items, we always have tricky solutions, we have proofed several times in past customer’s shifting. We observed closely customer’s shifting problems Customers take precautions and they do it right and shift them safe and sound but every facing technical issues, like transportation, materials, labors, packing tools, etc. Malik Packer and Mover have best solution for every shifting.  

We have using simple science behind safe and secured packing and loading of fragile household items like plates, bowls, glassware etc. although the basic of packing household items is to do proper mitigating and ensure they don’t crash with each other in the box, there is more to it.

We are using essential packing tips in time of packing of household items and ensure that your items make it to your new home without any damage.

Packing list

Malik Packer and movers didn’t forget in hurry time of packing and make a packing list before loading them up and handover a copy to the customer with should sign. It will help of the customer to claim missing or damaged goods.

Important stuff packed in separate single box

We avoid over stuffing customer boxes as it might damage their items. We try to maintain their weight below 30 kg. We make sure field staff can close the boxes and seal them properly.

Pack items strategically

To avoid damaging your fragile and light weighted items do pack them above the heavy items.

Labeling Customer boxes

No matter if customer has a forth night time before moving, we didn’t ever forget to label all boxes, otherwise customers will be puzzled when they receive them. Labeling them also helps to specify which boxes cover fragile items or items that should be moved with care. It will also help you to pack belongings in a way such that you can get hold of your basics. Our staff’s sole responsibility of the customer to correctly label the boxes such that the time of move does not face any problem while loading them in trucks or other vehicles. Neither can they make reasons to responsibility you for any mistakes they commit during moving, due to misleading information on labels.

Loose items

We try keeping items at their proper original places in cartoon boxes, like while packing silverware keep them in the tray then tape bubble wrap around it to secure the contents.

Essential tools in handy

Keep essential tools that are required to reconvene your stuff in labeled boxes. So that you do not end up searching your whole gear for your tools while placing back your stuff in shape.

Packing of fragile items

Fragile items like crockery sets, wine glass, china bowls and plates and other such fragile utensils require more attention than simply wrapping and loading in a carton.

Computers packing

We have the best way to pack computers is to pack them in their original boxes, but if you cannot find them then packing materials like bubble wraps, thermocol, newsprints, foam sheeting, comforters/blankets, pillows, etc. for safely packing them. We should start by padding the bottom of the carton with a thick layer of packing materials that provides pillow to the computer.

The Advantage of Malik Packer and Mover while contracting for Household goods shifting services: 

When customer hire with Malik Packer and Mover, you will obtain the best moving and transportation in the industry. 

  • Every kind of packing choices
  • A huge range of insurance options
  • No doubts about delays
  • Storage to meet your sole needs
  • Special packaging for delicate items
  • Local divisions all over the country
  • Movers that speak local language
  • Safety with defensive measures
  • Highest level of customer gratification 

We received many awards for house shifting services in India and were familiar by most housing panels. 

What Does Malik’s House Shifting Process Comprise? 

  • We will accomplish the whole process, which includes packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking.
  • Easy to house online removal cost calculator that gives you the best rate
  • Top exclusion service that comes with insurance welfares. 
  • Award-winning shifting service with trained and skilled movers
  • Irrespective of your location, we will help you to move 

How Does Home Moving Process Work? 

At Malik Packer and Mover, we keep the process forthright. Once you place a moving appeal with our packers, we will: 

  • Then, send you a quality survey request.
  • You can also use our free calculator tool or fill out the inquiry form
  • Our moving specialists will call you and chat the necessary details regards your requirements
  • Once the procedures are frank, we will discuss the moving dates
  • We are highly supple with lists and arrange dates suitable for you
  • Our team will reach at your home, pack the items, and load them on trucks
  • We will also unpack the trainings for you 

Will Your Next Move Cost? 

The cost of your unstable will be contingent on the distance, service request, and other thoughts. At Malik Packer and Mover, we have kept our prices low to cater to every client base. However, it doesn’t mean we have dropped our standards to house the price range.  

When you contact us, you will get: 

  • 100% verified movers
  • Zero damages or we pay you
  • Additional deals and discounts 
  • Best prices in the industry
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